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Fly Polls: A One-Minute Intro

  • 1. Just look at the category you're interested in.

  • 2. Search by key word.

  • 3. Each poll has a Follow pin icon at the bottom. Click the pin to add that poll to My Polls.

  • 4. See the polls of a particular poller.

Viewing polls in Politics / Most Popular / Past month

Sure. You just paste the poll code to include a poll on your HTML or Wordpress page. Search by keyword for polls about your topic, or sign in and make your own. (See the embed instructions below.)

If you have a podcast or live audience, you can get real-time feedback. Three options: A)point users directly to the poll — just click the share button and copy the URL; B) send them to your channel URL, e.g.,; or C) you can just use a #hashtag.

#flat, #earth

If your product is popular, there may be a Fly poll about it already. Making your own Fly profile can help your marketing:

  • 1. Brand yourself.
    Everyone voting on Fly polls can see your profile.

  • 2. Transform social media content from boring into engagement.
    Polls encourage conversation.

  • 3. Expand your digital footprint.
    Use Fly polls to promote your company and social media.

  • 4. Get direct feedback.
    Your audience has opinions!

  • 5. Polls are great subjects for creating content...
    ...content to get your audience sharing.

  • 1. Each poll has its own URL so you can send people directly to it. Click on poll statement to see it, or just click the Share icon (bottom right of each poll).

  • 2. If you sign in, you have your own Fly URL, so you can send people to your poll page to see all your polls.

  • 3. You can share/retweet Fly polls directly from our Fly social channels.

  • Fly Polls Fly Polls Fly Polls

    ...also see the Tips tab on the About page.

Super easy. Just like YouTube videos, Fly polls can be embedded by copying the embed code and pasting it into your web page.

  • 1. Click on the Share icon (bottom right of each poll).

  • 2. Select the Embed tab and click "Copy Embed Code."

  • 3. Paste it following your article or wherever.

No, but you can share a link to a poll by posting the URL like the below example. (You do have to type the question if you want people to know what the link is. More advanced sharing features coming soon tho!)

I approve of Donald Trump's
performance as President.


Nothing. For social media we only use the sign-in plugin. ALL votes are always anonymous. No posts or data are ever shared. You can share a poll if you want, but your votes are always anonymous (as are your polls, unless you share them).

If you sign in with social media, you can change your username in your Fly profile.

Example Poll does not cross-pollinate your data or posts.

1. You can use any JPG image. Be aware that your Fly poll will only use the center square of the image you upload. Currently GIF, PNG, SVG and video formats aren't usable as backgrounds and may cause errors.

Please note that you are responsible for image copyrights if you use your own image.

2. We've also made Pixabay's free library of quality images available. (Just enter a keyword when you make you poll to see related selections.)

The pollers with the most points are the most visible. Points come from people voting on your polls and liking your polls or comments. The best ways to get more points are:

  • 1. Make a powerful AGREE/DISAGREE poll statement. The best polls are clear and simple. To test it ask, who disagrees with this? If the answer is no one, it will probably not be popular.

  • 2. Share it with your audience. You can promote and socialize your poll the same way you share any URL, or embed it with your article or on a web page (see below).

  • 3. Comment on other polls. People can click on your icon and see all your polls (if you allowed it in your Profile settings).

  • 4. Add a #subject hashtag to connect your poll to that key word.

  • 5. Add a flycon (Fly polls icon) to your website or blog. Thre are some on the Flycons tab, or you can use the image at the bottom of this page to make your own custom one.

  • ...also see the Tips tab on the About page.

No. Yes. Not exactly.

If you create a poll and select For everyone, it will be featured in the main directory for all voters unless it's really NOT for everyone. Polls aren't deleted, but we may re-categorize a poll as "For anyone..." instead of For everyone if they are not about popular subjects. However, that does not affect sharing, hash tags or searching. That is, your poll can still be found.

We will remove polls if they are using images reported in violation of coyrights. (If you want to make sure your poll is featured For Everyone, make sure it follows the Rules.)

You can sign in with social media you already use, or make a new account with email. The only problem we've seen so far is passwords that begin with a common word. Try using a password that doesn't begin with a word. (If you see a "whitelist" error you can ignore it ... we're working on that!) If that doesn't solve it, please let us know.

We are noticing some problems with Safari. If the menu doesn't work properly for you, the best solution meantime is to use Chrome. You may also get an error if your connection is weak, or if you open an embedded poll that you've already voted on. Usually just refreshing your browser will resolve any errors. However, you do need a decent Internet connection. Please report other errors if you find one. Thanks!

Glad you asked. That's a new feature that isn't released yet. We're working on that and a few other things to finish Version 1.0.

Thank you for reading this! I hope the opinions and comments you see bring you insights and entertainment!

In addition to viewing new polls automatically without refreshing, we plan to include additional stats so we can see how opinions change over time, and see how different locations, age groups and genders compare. (All information will be collected voluntarily; Fly doesn't EVER collect your personal info other than what you submit.) We will also refine a few things and make a version you can download if you want to receive notifications and have a local app instead of going to If you have a suggestion, please let us know!

No. Fly pollers' data is kept private. Only information you volunteer is used, and you can remain completely anonymous. (All votes are always anonymous anyway.)

Currently no advertising is available. All polls are made (free) by users.

Example Poll

What do The People really think?

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100% free.
0% ads.

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