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New Website "Fly" Lets Citizens Vote on Everything

Now Anyone Can Vote on Opinion Polls

Santa Barbara, CA October 29, 2019 — A new website launched last week,, empowers voters to instantly weigh in on opinion polls right from their web browser.

"Opinions determine the most important decisions, like who will be the next leader of the Free World," said Dave Dahl, the app's designer.

"We don't think Facebook and Twitter are the right kind of place for a lot of these discussions," Dahl said. "With Fly we wanted to create something very simple, neutral and open to show a real-time view of the collective. What do people really think?"

Voters can see which topics are most popular and what people agree and disagree on the most, or search the polls by keyword. The polls are all in a simple agree/disagree format, so voting is easy and the issues and results are clear.

After the first week of open voting, there are hundreds of polls on a wide range of topics, including products, companies, celebrities, food, health, sex, science, movies, fashion, laws and religions.

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Voting does not require downloading or even signing in (though you may have to pass a robot challenge). Individuals or organizations can also create a free account to make a poll about anything and share it — either privately with their own audience, or with the entire community of voters. enables writers and publishers to easily embed polls with their website content, and podcasters, hosts and teachers can create a poll instantly to get feedback from their audience on any subject.

Local governments and schools can create free public or private polls on that allow citizens and students to easily vote their agreement or disagreement on community proposals.

"In the democracy of the future, citizens and consumers will have more influence over government and products," said Dahl. "Everyone's voice will matter."

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